The costume was an awkwardly-shaped fat suit, a dress, a petticoat I forgot to put on, an apron, giant yellow shoes,  a skull cap and a bonnet to cover the hair, and nose and chin pieces with face paint stuff.  And I needed two people to help dress me, mostly because I couldn’t zip/tie myself in (and neither could they, so someone had to use the tights that came with the whole thing that I refused to wear to tuck into the back to cover my staff shirt).  The face pieces were also a little moldy and very difficult to attach, so every time I laughed (which was pretty constant throughout) I was in danger of losing my chin.

And of course everyone in the store came up front to watch me, and then later on they all shared their pictures.  So it was delightful.  But despite the half hour preparation time (and the half hour of trying to scrub my face clean), I only had to wear it for like 10 minutes.  The girl who has to wear it at the event on Saturday is going to be stuck for 4 hours.

  1. rudums-wee said: Nice chin. Couldn’t even tell it’s not yours :D
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